Let's Learn About Prepositions

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Prediposition English Songs

Preposition Exercise 3

Test you knowledge of the prepositions in / at / on - showing time and date. Choose either in, at or on and click on the arrow to see you have answered correctly.

  1. Let's meet seven o'clock.
  2. He was born July.
  3. I went there 1998.
  4. She'll be at work Thursday.
  5. We met Christmas day.
  6. They drove to Barlinek September 15th.
  7. We arrived in this country September.
  8. I love to go shopping Christmas time.
  9. We get up early the morning.
  10. Do you dream night?
  11. What do you like doing weekends?
  12. He's working on his homework the moment.
  13. I lived in Holland the 1990s.
  14. I'll see you a few weeks.
  15. We like going to the cinema Fridays. 

Preposition Exercises 2

Test your knowledge of the prepositions in / at / to / nothing - showing place and movement. Choose either in, at, to, or nothing and click on the arrow to see you have answered correctly.

  1. He lives Zielona Gora.
  2. She went home.
  3. Piotrek works Gorzów Wlkp.
  4. He went his friend's house.
  5. She arrived Manchester for the celebrations.
  6. I'm going to stay home this weekend.
  7. Joanna works the hospital.
  8. Why don't we go the movies tonight?
  9. I'm going to see Hania France this summer.
  10. I arrived work early this morning.
  11. She came home early.
  12. We stayed the Mieszko Hotel.
  13. They visited England last summer.
  14. She's going to travel Finland this summer.
  15. I'll be school later today. 

Prepositions of place and direction

Preposition Use Examples
higher than sth. The picture hangs above my bed.
from one side to the other side You mustn't go across this road here.
There isn't a bridge across the river.
one follows the other The cat ran after the dog.
After you.
directed towards sth. The bird flew against the window.
in a line; from one point to another They're walking along the beach.
in a group I like being among people.
in a circular way We're sitting around the campfire.
at the back of Our house is behind the supermarket.
lower than sth. Death Valley is 86 metres below sea level.
next to Our house is beside the supermarket.
sth./sb. is on each side Our house is between the supermarket and the school.
near He lives in the house by the river.
near Our house is close to the supermarket.
from high to low He came down the hill.
the place where it starts Do you come from Tokyo?
the part that is in the direction it faces Our house is in front of the supermarket.
opposite of outside You shouldn't stay inside the castle.
entering sth. You shouldn't go into the castle.
close to Our house is near the supermarket.
beside Our house is next to the supermarket.
away from sth. The cat jumped off the roof.
moving to a place The cat jumped onto the roof.
on the other side Our house is opposite the supermarket.
leaving sth. The cat jumped out of the window.
opposite of inside Can you wait outside?
above sth./sb. The cat jumped over the wall.
going near sth./sb. Go past the post office.
in a circle We're sitting round the campfire.
going from one point to the other point You shouldn't walk through the forest.
towards sth./sb. I like going to Australia.

Can you come to me?
I've never been to Africa.
in the direction of sth. We ran towards the castle.
below sth. The cat is under the table.
from low to high He went up the hill.

Exercise 1 on Prepositions

– Place

Fill the gaps with the correct prepositions.
  1. We live London.
  2. Would you like to go the cinema tonight?
  3. No, thanks. I was the cinema yesterday.
  4. We are going holiday next week.
  5. There is a bridge the river.
  6. The flight from Leipzig to London was Frankfurt.
  7. my wall, there are many picture postcards.
  8. Who is the person this picture?
  9. Come the sitting room, we want to watch TV.
  10. Munich lies 530 meters sea level.