Let's Learn About Prepositions

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Preposition Exercise 3

Test you knowledge of the prepositions in / at / on - showing time and date. Choose either in, at or on and click on the arrow to see you have answered correctly.

  1. Let's meet seven o'clock.
  2. He was born July.
  3. I went there 1998.
  4. She'll be at work Thursday.
  5. We met Christmas day.
  6. They drove to Barlinek September 15th.
  7. We arrived in this country September.
  8. I love to go shopping Christmas time.
  9. We get up early the morning.
  10. Do you dream night?
  11. What do you like doing weekends?
  12. He's working on his homework the moment.
  13. I lived in Holland the 1990s.
  14. I'll see you a few weeks.
  15. We like going to the cinema Fridays. 

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